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Repairing Recreational Vehicles

By: Don Stec

RV repair, specifically motor homes and big camp trailers, require skills and equipment that are not typically found in just one occupation or one business.

Steel and aluminum are used in the structural components of RVs. Metalworking skills and equipment are required. If damaged in a collision, body and frame repair skills are required. Also, the equipment has to be big enough to handle these vehicles.

Fiberglass is used in many panels. The major panels are the front and back panels of the RV. These panels need the expertise of a technician that understands the stresses and flexiblility of fiberglass to insure the repair will be permanent. The side panels are textured on some RVs and require a special skill to duplicate.

RVs are also comprised of wood. Carpentry skills are required, plus wood working equipment.

Mechanical skills are required to repair the steering, suspension and drive train.

Other skills required are the ability to repair interior trim, paint, wallpaper, and electrical component replacement.

All of this skill and equipment is available at Coachmaster Corporation, RV Division. Home of the largest frame machine in northern CA. Celebrating 44 years of expert service.

Got a problem with your vehicle?  Coachmaster is a full service collision repair shop, specializing in total vehicle alignment, using laser beams and blueprints.  Check us out at www.coachmasterautobody.comor give us a call. 

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